- After receiving allowance to sell (either via DM to The Duck or via mass notification in Telegram group), simply select the icon for the brand, fill in the form and submit.

- Limits are listed next to each deal; these limits apply to each DuckDealer individually. This group does not deal with "caps" or "reservations".

- Reach out to The Duck with your ACH info for payouts (US banks only).

- Once your cards are received, they will be listed in the Payout Schedule at the bottom of the Sell page. Target dates for processing are estimates and change regularly.  Posting cards with typos or other issues can delay payout.

- Once your card is paid, it will show up in green as PAID. Cards are paid in batches per brand per Duck Dealer, twice per week.

- Give The Duck some slack during bank holidays when the banks are closed and payouts are limited. The Duck also travels a lot, so hold cards then. Also when "Hoarders" and "My 600-Pound Life" are on TV.

- Only sell cards which were purchased directly by you from direct vendors (not from middleman markets such as Raise, Cardpool, GiftCardWiki, etc.).

- If you sold to a different group first, and they returned the card to you, that card cannot be sold here.

- Occasional private, off-website deals are available for DuckDeals VIPs (those who do large volume, are loyal to DuckDeals and do not sell to other groups, and those who spread good word-of-mouth).