Ducks can be found on land, on the water and in the sky!


The Duck was born at a very young age in San Antonio, Texas. As a child, he spent most of his time playing videogames and wandering the streets looking for money, so it is not surprising that this would eventually fuel his passion for all things related to financial gaming. Although he currently works full-time as a receptionist at a local school, his true professions are credit-card churning, Amazon reselling, Blackjack gambling, gift card reselling, meme-stonk investing, dumpster diving and scavenging for free food and free booze. With his many income sources, The Duck was able to purchase a large old haunted manor house known as The Quack House, where he currently resides with various stuffed animals and likely a few ghosts. When not working or traveling the world for free with airline miles and hotel points, The Duck's other interests include movies, piano, obesity and his beloved Mercedes-Benz. The Duck divides his time primarily between San Antonio and Las Vegas.