Duck Buying the Following Deals:

(Note: Get allowance from The Duck first before selling, either through Telegram DM or from a mass notification in the DD Telegram group)

Downloadable Template for Spreadsheet Submissions within the Deals

Guide to Selling on DuckDeals

Sam's Club: CARTER'S. Buy 50.00 Gift Cards at 80%. Duck paying 80%. Vendor Limit 2x, Duck Limit 2x.

HEB: GAMESTOP / NINTENDO / PLAYSTATION. Buy 50.00 Gift Cards at 80% with Digital Coupon. Duck paying 80%. Vendor Limit 1 of Each Brand per Account. Duck Limit 1,000.00. Expires 5/23.

Kroger Online: DOORDASH. Buy 100.00 Gift Card for 85.00. Duck paying 85.00. Vendor Limit 1x. Duck Limit 3x.

Kohl's Cashstar: KOHL'S. Buy 75.00 Gift Card for 65.00. Duck paying 65.00. Vendor Limit 2x. Duck Limit 6x.

Target: CHEERS TO YOU. Buy 75.00 Worth (may be various denominations), Get 10.00 Target Bonus. Duck paying 75.00 for both, or 90% for just the Cheers to Yous. Target bonuses can only be from in-store purchases. Duck Limit 1,500.00. Expires May 14

Fluz: UBER. Buy at 88%. Duck paying 88%. Duck Limit 500.00

Adidas Online: ADIDAS. Buy 100.00 Gift Card for 80.00. Duck paying 80.00. Duck Limit 6x. Can also do the PayPal deal for an additional 6x cards.

Costco Online: PANDA EXPRESS. Buy 4x Sets for 289.96 total. Duck buying up to that 289.96 total and paying the same.

Costco Online: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES. Buy 500.00 Gift Card for 429.99. Duck paying 429.99. Duck Limit 2x. Must submit receipts and card images. Expires 04/30/2023.

Texas Roadhouse: TEXAS ROADHOUSE. Buy 100.00 Gift Card, Get 2x 10.00 Bonus Cards -- Duck paying 100.00 for all three. Duck Limit 500.00.

Kroger Online: BATH & BODY WORKS / UBER EATS / TREAT YOURSELF. For Bath & Body Works, Buy 50.00 Gift Card for 40.00 -- Duck paying 40.00. For Uber Eats, Buy 50.00 Gift Card at 85% -- Duck paying 85%. For Treat Yourself (convert to Grubhub), Buy 57.50 Gift Card at 50.00 -- Duck paying 50.00. Duck Limit 500.00 per Brand.

BJ's Wholesale: CHIPOTLE. Buy 25.00 Gift Card at 19.99. Duck paying 19.99. Vendor Limit 5x. Duck Limit 20x.

HEB: CHIPOTLE. Buy 50.00 or 100.00 Gift Card, Get 10.00 HEB Bonus for each 50.00. Duck paying 82% for Chipotle. Vendor Limit Unlimited. Duck Limit 3,000.00. Expires 5/2.

Paypal Digital Gif: INSTACART. Buy 100.00 or 50.00 Gift Cards at 90%. Duck paying 90%. Duck limit 1,000.00 [Expired]

Best Buy: INSTACART. Buy 200.00 Gift Card at 90%. Duck paying 90%. Limit 1x for regular customers, 3x for business customers. Duck limit 4x [Expired]

Target: APPLE. Buy 100.00 worth of Apple (25s, 50s or 100s), Get 10.00 Target Bonus. Duck paying either 91% for Apple or 100.00 for Both Apple+Target. Must keep receipts, cards and outer packaging for possible Target refund issues. Duck unable to buy Target bonus e-cards from online purchases. Duck limit 3,000.00

Costco: XBOX & NINTENDO. Buy 100.00 worth at 79.99. Duck paying 79.99 for any 25, 50 or 100 denomination combination. Online and in-store. If buying Playstation at Costco, use the Dollar General form on this page instead. Duck limit 2,000.00 for each brand

Dollar General: PLAYSTATION. Buy 25.00 Gift Cards at 85%. Duck paying 85%. Duck Limit 2,000.00.

Citi Sleaze (Standing Offer): NEIMAN MARCUS Buy at 90%. Duck paying 90%. May do up to 5x 100s and 1x 500 every month. (Standing Offer): XBOX. Free as Amex benefit. Duck paying 80%.


Citi Sleaze (Standing Offer): NIKE. Buy 50s.00 or 100.00 Gift Cards at 90%. Duck Paying 90%. Duck Limit 5K